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    Union means nothing without certain BCS bid


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    Union means nothing without certain BCS bid Empty Union means nothing without certain BCS bid

    ตั้งหัวข้อ  anylove Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:17 pm

    Visions of oblivion dancing through my head …

    That, and wondering if my good buddy Mike Hamrick will take my calls during the week of that epic UNLV-Marshall clash.

    There was an Internet headline Friday afternoon about the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA not wanting to be left out in the cold when it came to other leagues discussing expansion.

    But here's the thing: Even the warmest of parkas wholesale jerseyscan't keep either league from a bone-chilling fact that unless such a football-only merger and subsequent championship game guarantees automatic inclusion into the Bowl Championship Series, this announcement means as much as the days of a 16-team Western Athletic Conference.

    Which is nothing.

    The two leagues apparently see something no one else does yet and announced a merger of 22 programs, a number that could decrease to mlb jerseys cheap 17 by next week. I assume that would be some sort of record, losing five teams before cutting the congratulatory cake.

    But, hey, at least the Mountain West still has Marty Fletcher …

    You have to love the suits when these things happen, using words like landmark and exciting and bold and proactive and stable and original, sort of like when that bastion of creativity, The Mtn. network, was launched, and we all know how that turned out.

    They keep forgetting the most important word: desperate.

    I get it. I understand the need for nonautomatic qualifying leagues to best position themselves for a seat at the table of BCS riches, but betting nfl jerseys cheap that one game at season's end between two leagues that soon could be devoid of any major players in football will mean an automatic bid is far more fantasy than not.

    I realize leagues are blowing up around conference commissioners and they're hanging from the smallest of branches to remain relevant. They had to put on a happy face and spin the heck out of this. It's their job and responsibility. They at least have to try.

    But know this: While it's obvious why the Mountain West and Conference USA agreed to such a merger, so too will be the outcome, short of an edict from Congress about antitrust issues.

    And wouldn't that already have happened?

    Boise State and Air Force from the Mountain wholesale jerseys china West and Houston, Southern Methodist and Central Florida from Conference USA were thought early Friday to be bound for the Big East Conference in football, perhaps accepting invitations by this time next week.

    But reports surfaced in the evening that Boise State and Air Force would remain in place and not depart.

    Somehow, I don't see the BCS honchos overly impressed either way.

    "Both Air Force and Boise State were on a (conference call) and part of a unanimous recommendation to pursue this concept (with Conference USA)," Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson said. "They mentioned they had been in contact with the Big East but did not elaborate. That is a question better directed at either of them.

    "We have not had any conversations with (the BCS), and there is no indication this (merger) would guarantee an automatic bid. We have just not had that depth or detail of conversation."

    What he knows and isn't saying: There is a bit of value for automatic consideration if no one departed either league, but there is none without Boise State and a few others who reportedly are considering jumping off the suddenly larger but hardly sturdy vessel.

    There is little TV appeal among the 22 teams beyond those considering a move to the Big East, which, if it is successful in luring away the teams it desires, would all but assure the Mountain West/Conference USA alliance remain a nonqualifier for several more years.

    "Certainly everyone's (BCS) numbers are going to be juxtaposed and repositioned," Thompson said. "Everyone in the last year-and-a-half has added or lost members. ... I don't know who's going to be in what league. Right now, today, cheap nfl jerseysFriday afternoon, the intention is we start with 22."

    Let's assume it remains there, that no one goes anywhere, that Boise State and Air Force in fact have decided to remain true to their Mountain West commitment.

    All the leagues have done is become bigger, a little better at the top and not much else.

    There is one potentially good thing for the Mountain West in this agreement: The football championship for Conference USA is shown on ESPN, which means teams and fans from Mountain West schools again can own one of those rare moments of being shown on a network people watch.

    You want the truth? The move without an eventual automatic bid means nothing, and yet this is the best they could do in a cutthroat world ruled by the BCS.

    What does that tell you?

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